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Our EverInspire Workplace LMS.

All your needs in one place.


We are able to offer businesses a privately branded portal within our LMS. This includes your own portal URL for your company.

Employees are registered as ‘users’ or ‘learners’ and will be invited to create a secure password protected account.

Our User features include:

  • Access to our content

  • Discussion forums

  • Virtual conferences

  • A variety of ways to track your progress

Senior members of the team can also be ‘instructors’. This enables you to:

  • Add company courses

  • Upload a ‘SCORM’ compliant course

  • Create groups

  • Arrange virtual conferences

Our Packages.

We offer three different packages.


Silver package

  • Private company portal on the platform

  • The evidence-based MBLR Workplace program for all employees

  • Live webinar introduction to the platform, with the opportunity for employees to ask questions.

  • Regular articles, discussion forums and access to coach profiles

  • Use your private area of the platform to host your own training content

  • Employees remain fully anonymous throughout – increasing the use of the platform.

  • ROI measured by assessing overall impact on turnover, absenteeism and engagement.

Prices range from £30 to £48 per employee per year.

Gold Package

  • All of the above

  • Access to future programs developed by us within your subscription period.

  • 3-hour training webinar with the senior mental health ambassadors of your company.

Prices range from £40 to £58 per employee per year

Platinum Package

  • All of the above

  • We will conduct confidential research in your workplace to assess how your employees are engaged and productive before using EverInspire and after. We will use validated wellbeing measures – similar to what you would find in a rigorous randomised controlled trial. We will provide you with a detailed report that you can use to maximise your ROI and improve motivation among your employees.

Prices range from £57 to £75 per employee per year.

*Prices are dependent on your number of employees.

Our Consultation Day

Additionally, we recommend an initial consultation package. This will involve us visiting your workplace for a day to meet with senior members of the team. During this consultation we will cover:

  • How to promote your new mental health and wellbeing provision to your employees.

  • The state of play in mental health and wellbeing in the workplace today.

  • How to maximise the features of the platform.

  • How we will calculate your ROI.

    The cost of our consultation day is £950


Licensing Option.

SCORM and xAPI compliant.


Our content is SCORM and xAPI compliant. This means if you already own your own LMS and just wish to purchase our content, we can come to an annual licensing arrangement with you. Will would then support you to host our content on your own platform.

We also license our content to external organisations whose purpose is to deliver mental health and wellbeing support within the workplace.


 Social enterprise values.


Passionate about supporting people.

EverInspire is a social enterprise and we are passionate about supporting people with their mental health and wellbeing. By investing in EverInspire for your employees, you are also supporting our charitable work with vulnerable people. This is something that you may wish promote as part of your own corporate responsibility initiatives. Mental health and wellbeing is a hot topic in society today and potential employees consistently look for employers who value mental health, purpose and striving to reach one’s potential.

We are also open to suggestions for our charitable work. For example, you may already support an organisation that supports vulnerable people and there might be an opportunity to partner with us to offer the mental health aspect of that support.


Research, Impact and ROI.


Did you know? ..

Mental health costs employers between 33bn and 42bn each year? This is made up of absence costs of 8bn, presenteeism costs ranging from 17bn – 26bn and turnover costs of 8bn (Deloitte, 2017). However, this is likely to be just the tip of the ice-berg. Businesses also lose out when their employees are disengaged or see little meaning in their work. By providing us will some simple figures, we can quickly show you the cost of these factors on your business and the return on investment you can receive by investing in EverInspire. We estimate that we can offer you a ROI of £4.50 for every £1 spent. This is also based on our most expensive ‘platinum’ package.

However shocking the economic and financial cost may be, the human cost of poor mental health and wellbeing is often devastating with people reporting depression, panic attacks, relationship problems, low confidence and sadly suicide. It is estimated that only 2 out 5 employees are fully engaged at work (Deloitte, 2017) and many underuse their skills and strengths. When employees are unable to work at their peak performance, employers lose valued productivity.

EverInspire is less prescriptive than many other wellbeing interventions. The platform provides an innovative framework for your employees to follow called the Uni-being model. The platform allows employees to select self-relevant tools, interventions and information using this model. This in turn helps to reduce ‘wastage’ as employees are less likely to waste valuable resources on interventions that are not completely relevant or likely to be beneficial. We have also factored this into our ROI report and can calculate approximately how much wastage EverInspire can save you.


The Uni-being model.


The Uni-being model is our game-changing approach to mental health and wellbeing support. It shows employees how to understand and situate their own mental health and wellbeing. It can also be used by organisations to assess and identify whole organisational wellbeing. The MBLR program, which is based on the Uni-being model has been subjected to a randomised controlled trial with significant impacts on participant satisfaction with life, psychological wellbeing, depression, anxiety and stress. The uni-being model allows users to become the experts of their own mental health and wellbeing, which in turn allows them to focus on the aspects of their wellbeing that are most in need of attention.

Model Example below:


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